About Us

ā€˛Soyalas" is the Indian word for the winter solstice and the perfectly fitting name for my Toller since he marked an wonderful turning point in my life.

We are living in an outskirts of Vienna just a short leap away from the "Vienna Woods". The Toller was an easy choice since I always wanted a loyal companion who had a great willingness to work and maintain their playfull nature at an old age.

I stumbled upon the kennel "Soyalas" by pure luck. Talons breeder Eva Freund provided us with great advice and assistance from the very beginning. Since she is living just around the corner we maintained close contact and we regularly meet up for Retriever-Training. It's always nice to watch Talon play with his mother and sister.

When my pup moved into my home I didn't think about breeding at all. But after Talon showed so much enthusiasm for work as well as a clear health bill I decided to register him as an stud dog.

During the week Talon accompanies me to work where he sleeps the day away to be fit for the weekend, when we are often found at the dog training area or on a tour through the forest.